Learn how to report your results like a pro.

[Edit 11/01/2021] Added better definition and adjusted the example in section 1 according to helpful suggestion by AlexMurphy.

Confidence intervals are a great tool to provide useful information when reporting results of Machine Learning models. They are an easy and straightforward way of assessing, among other things, the reliability of a model.

In this post, I am going to give a brief introduction to confidence intervals and to present confidence_interval_estimator_ML, a tool that will allow you to estimate confidence intervals both parametrically and non-parametrically for your machine learning models in few lines of code.

Here is how this post is…

The choice of your university degree is one of the most fundamental choices of your life, and it is indeed one of the most difficult. Not only it will influence your happiness during your university years, but it will affect the job you will end up doing and your success in life. I have been in this situation many times: from the choice of my Bachelor’s Degree to the choice of my Master’s Degree, and also when I had to chose what to do in my two semesters abroad.

After some years passed, I can confidently say that all of…

During the last two months of 2019, I was lucky to participate in the School of Artificial Intelligence. If you are not familiar with the School of AI, it is a first-class, hands-on training program on Artificial Intelligence hosted by Pi School, an educational project inside the startup district of Pi Campus, in Rome. The program aims at a multitude of profiles that have in common a great passion for Artificial Intelligence and at least basic stats and programming abilities. The program lasts two months, it is free for the students, and you also get a grant covering expenses such…

Giovanni Ciampi

Machine Learning Engineer at Keyless.io. linkedin.com/in/giovanniciampi

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